About Our Store Gourmet Party Favors

High-Quality and Unique Favors

At Gourmet Party Favors, we provide you with a variety of unique party favors. We follow very high-quality standards to make sure our customers feel special on their memorable day.

We offer a variety of edible favors including gluten-free favors. We are also ready to work with you individually to develop party favor ideas to fit your event concept. We provide unique bridal shower favors, high-quality baby shower favors, edible wedding favors, and many more.

The key to our success is a combination of professionalism and passion for what we love. We have combined all of our skills and passion to provide our customers with truly the best personalized party favors.

why Choose Us

An Exclusive Collection of Personalized Party Favors

Gourmet Party Favors offers a wide range of personalized gifts with your name, your message, or a photo to give your guests an experience they will not soom forget nor find elsewhere.

Gluten-Free Options

Our delicious Stroopfawels also come in gluten-free to make sure all your guests, even those with gluten allergies, can enjoy your event

We Are Organized

We offer professional organization and unique approach to all your events with our impeccable and first-class service, regardless of budget and number of guests

On-Time Delivery

We guarantee on-time delivery for your event. Just let us know when your special event will take place and we will make sure you get your favors delivered on time. We only require that you place your order at least 3 weeks before your event.

Inimitable Experience

Our goal is to not only provide the best party favors but also to make your day unique and inimitable! With the services provided by Gourmet Party Favors, your event will become an exceptional occurrence! After all, here, you can find unique combinations of fascinating party favors.

Exceptional Experience

We will help you create an exceptional experience for your party guests with our unique edible and non-edible favors. Whether you are hosting a classic event or a fun evening, we will make sure your event is a success.