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I remember fretting over wedding favor ideas during my wedding preparations.  I surfed through the internet and looked at a gazillion magazines, but no idea seemed to stick. Everything just felt too basic. After all, I had put my heart and soul into ensuring that my big day stood out. How, then, could I possibly settle for something too ordinary for my wedding favor? What if I selected something that no one liked? What if
“Help! I can’t think of a good party favor!” “I’m not putting candles, that’s so basic.” “I wanna do something different, extraordinary!” These types of dialogues are not unheard of before a party. Now your mind might be plagued with this one thought: first, we throw a grand party, ensure the attendees have a fabulous time and then we give out unique ​personalized party favors​ too? What’s the logic? Truth be told: what makes a
How to Be a Good Host In The Time Of Coronavirus The coronavirus pandemic ravaging the entire world doesn’t seem to slow down anytime soon, and it’s best we all stay safe to the best of our abilities. After several months of zooming, isolating, and quarantining, many people are expressing readiness to host parties, socialize, and have fun. But is it possible to host a party safely in the time of coronavirus? As a party

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